Imagination Library

United Way of Southeast Mississippi is now accepting applications to register children in Forrest, Lamar, Perry and Marion counties! Our goal is to improve early childhood education by making sure kids have access to books starting from birth. Imagination Library provides age-appropriate books for children up to the age of 5. By signing up, your child will have an book mailed each month until they turn five. 
The cost for a year's worth of books is $30 per child. Thanks to donors and sponsorships, funding has been secured to allow all children living in the Hattiesburg Public School District and children ages 3 and 4 in Forrest County to waive this fee. If your child meets these requirements, complete this form and your child will receive their first book in the next two months. Funding is constantly being sought out to waive this fee for children in all four counties. 
If your child is not eligible to have this fee waived, but you would like to still sign your child up, submit the form linked below and you will be directly contacted with information on how to pay the listed fee. It only costs $30 for your child to receive one book each month of the year! 

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Hattiesburg Public School Foundation

The Phil Hardin Foundation

The First, A National Banking Association

Hancock Whitney Bank


  Making sure every child is ready to learn by the time he/she enters kindergarten is one of United Way SEMS's goals. Making sure children have access to age-appropriate reading materials is one way to help. If you, your business, club or organization would like to sponsor Imagination Library, please contact United Way of Southeast MS at 601.545.7141.