Shafer Center

The Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention

United Way Health Partner
601.264.7777 (regionally toll-free)
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Who Are They?

The Shafer Center provides support, counseling, referral and information to victims of all types of sexual assault and survivors of homicide and suicide victims. It provides a 24-hour Crisis Line for direct toll-free service and offers escort services to accompany a victim to the hospital, police department and/or court proceedings. The agency educates the community on issues related to homicide, the sexual abuse of children and adults and in regard to personal safety and rape prevention.

What Does United Way's Funding Do?

United Way dollars are used to fund services such as a 24-hour crisis line, counseling, victim escort services and support for survivors of homicide and suicide. All of these services benefit the mental and emotional health of the victims.

The Impact of Your United Way Investment

When a tragic situation - such as sexual assault, homicide or suicide - occurs, victims are assisted in minimizing the negative impact, allowing them to move forward and lead productive lives.

Volunteer Needs

Volunteers are needed to answer the 24-hour crisis line and be of support to victims of sexual assault at local hospital emergency rooms. Training is mandatory and provided twice yearly. A one year commitment is requested, and a background check is required.