DuBard School for Language Disorders

DuBard SchoolDuBard School for Language Disorders

United Way Education Partner
Who Are They?
The DuBard School for Language Disorders provides an 11-month program that offers intensive instruction for preschool and school-aged children with severe language-speech disorders and/or hearing impairments, including the written language disorder of dyslexia. The school offers guidance for parents and families. Children are taught using the DuBard Association Method®. DuBard School also provides outclient therapy, evaluations and resource/referral services.
What Does United Way's Funding Do?
United Way funds help provide evaluation, therapy, and education services to children with language and communication disorders.
The Impact of Your United Way Investment
Students with speech and language disabilities learn to improve their oral and written language skills, enabling them to transition back to their traditional school districts.