Thrive at Christian Services, INC.

United Way Financial Stability Partner
Who Are They?
The THRIVE program was established to educate those in our community with limited resources how to improve their lifestyles by taking personal responsibility for their financial decisions and giving them tools to know how. The core of THRIVE is the monthly, 4-session Money Management Workout Course that is held at Christian Services. These classes provide easy access to this learning resource. Additional services include; bi-monthly pro bono legal clinics, facilitated self-assistance tax side, community job readiness workshops, community financial education seminars, first aid loan-credit counseling, and other learning experiences designed to empower clients to improve their personal development and to be less dependent upon agency help to make ends meet. 
What Does United Way's Funding Do?
United Way funds are directed to the support staff promoting, developing, maintaining client information, and hosting community events for THRIVE. 
The Impact of Your United Way Investment
Participants in THRIVE are learning ways to become more self-reliant and how to sustain day-to-day to eventually not need the use of agency help.