Carpenter's Helper

The Carpenter's Helper

United Way Financial Stability Partner
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Who Are They?
To the best of its ability and resources, The Carpenter’s Helper corrects deficient housing conditions for persons in our immediate area who lack the resources or the physical or mental abilities to correct the problems themselves. This includes widows, widowers, the disabled and the disadvantaged with significant health problems, safety or quality of life issues. Projects are limited to single-family, owner-occupied residences. Our immediate area includes Forrest, Lamar and Perry counties or other nearby areas designated by our contributors.
What Does United Way's Funding Do?
United Way dollars are directed toward home repair projects for the elderly and disabled in Forrest, Lamar and Perry counties.
The Impact of Your United Way Investment
Eldery and disabled individuals' homes are repaired, providing them safer and more sanitary living conditions. The long term impact for the homeowner includes better health, financial benefits of home weatherization and repairs and increased value of the home.
Volunteer Needs
The Carpenter's Helper looks for either a skilled laborer (plumber, contractor, electrician) willing to donate his or her time and expertise occasionally or a group of unskilled laborers (e.g. church groups, civic clubs) willing to spend a week working on projects. The Carpenter's Helper does many roof repairs, so volunteers should be comfortable getting on a roof. Housing and meals are generally provided.