2-1-1 is a free service available to everyone in Mississippi seeking information about available resources. Dialing 211 will connect you with someone who can help you find the resources you need. 


Information from 2-1-1 Mississippi's website: 
This line currently receives between 175-300 calls a day with the four main client requests being access to assistance with utilities, food, homeless/domestic violence shelter, and rent/mortgage payment. Providing links to basic needs services for impoverished families both affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and those in lower socioeconomic classes are the cornerstone services of 211 Mississippi. In the short amount of time this line has been operational, the call specialists at 211 have made over 175,000 referrals for services.
Who is eligible to call?
Any individual looking for information or assistance to identify the services best suited to meet his or her needs is eligible to call. Case managers, church leaders, employers, teachers or other agencies calling on behalf of their clients, members, employees or students are also welcome.
When is 2-1-1 available?
2-1-1 Mississippi is available Monday-Friday from 7:00am-6:00pm.
Is 2-1-1 Mississippi a crisis hotline?
2-1-1 Mississippi is not a crisis line. Individuals in immediate crisis should call 911. Individuals looking to speak to a trained counselor should call Contact the Crisis Hotline to help at 601-713-4357
Will 2-1-1 Mississippi provide financial assistance?
2-1-1 Mississippi is a telephone information and referral line. Financial assistance is not provided; however, they can direct you to agencies in the community that may be able to provide assistance.
What types of calls does 2-1-1 Mississippi receive?
A wide variety of calls are received regarding health services; food; clothing; housing; government resources; education; employment; counseling; support groups; recreation; community groups; services for children, youth, families and older adults; and many more topics.
Here are a few examples of the types of calls received:
What office do I call to request a new street sign?
Is there a support group for cancer patients?
My elderly mother is homebound and needs someone to take her grocery shopping.
Is there a clothing closet near me?
I have a client who needs literacy instruction.
We don’t have health insurance, but my child needs to see a doctor.
Where can I find affordable counseling services?